Our business

Our Business

We are a corporate group dedicated to the sustainable production of palm oil in the Ucayali region. We established and began operations in 2016, after acquiring the Tibecocha and Zanja Seca farms (located in the Nueva Requena and Curimana district, Coronel Portillo province) from a renowned trust entity.

Since the beginning, we have worked on aiming business excellence, with the highest standards of social responsibility, law enforcement and environmental protection. Always focused on transforming the Ucayali economy with sustainable agricultural practices and being a reference in the palm oil industry.

Our shareholders are a group of North American investors with a very important presence in the agricultural sector worldwide. Until 2020, the total sum invested in our companies exceeds 140 million USD, which represents the largest agro-industrial investment in the Ucayali region and in the Peruvian Amazon.

In March 2020, we inaugurated our Palm Oil Extraction Mill, one of the most modern of its kind in South America. Our Mill does not use any chemicals in its extractive process, everything is done with pressure and water steamr, setting the standard for what it should be an environmentally friendly agro-industrial work. Likewise, it has an electrical cogeneration unit that, during normal operations, supplies 100% of the energy needs, taking advantage of the residuals from the industrial process to generate electricity.

Our Mill has a fruit processing capacity of up to 50 tons per hour. The fruit supply comes mainly from the Tibecocha and Zanja Seca Farm, as well as from a group of small and medium farmers from neighboring communities participating in the Sustainable Small Farmers Program.

Our two farm have almost 11.500 hectares between developed areas with palm oil and rainforest reserve areas. Thus, since the acquisitionof the farm in 2016, we have not expanded or developed one more hectare of our farm, maintaining reserve areas as a protected area of Amazon Forest.

The best environmental and agricultural management practices, combined with the use of the highest technology in our crops, allow us to produce twice the average per hectare compared to other palm oil farm in the region, and give our fruits a concentration of oils above 25%.

We are a corporate group, which respects the laws and local culture. Palm olil extraction mill. We have all pertinent permits and authorizations for the operations of our Palm Oil Extraction Mill (EIAsA approved); and we are processing, in full compliance with the current regulations, the Environmental Adequacyand Management Program (PAMA) for our farm.

The group has three companies: Ochosur U S.A.C (Zanja Seca farm), Ochosur P S.A.C (Tibecocha farm) and Servicios Agrarios de Pucallpa S.A.C (Extraction Mill).


"Transform the cultivation of palm oil into sustainable development, productivity and competitiveness for the benefit of the Amazonian territories, their population and future generations."


We work to transform positively the way of doing agriculture in the Ucayali region and in Peru. Eleven are the SUSTAINABILITY Principles that guide our activities, decisions and ways of doing things.

You can find out what they are and what we do to comply with them. here.


The values that we practiced are the following:


We deploy our actions, based on a strong sense of ethics and integrity. Complying with the law, acting honestly, consistently and upholding the commitment to be transparent, providing clear and truthful information about our actions.


We take charge of our actions, operating with a long-term vision ofsustainable management; identifying ourselves as catalysts for the development of our communities, we are also committed to the safety and well-being of our workers, as well as to the care of Amazonian flora and fauna.


We share good practices and promote innovation in our activities, as well as in the country’s palm oil industry, offering products of the highest quality to our clients. To do this, we constantly improve our processes, and use the best agro-industrial technologies and practices available worldwide.


We respect local Amazonian traditions and promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. We support the needs, growth and sustainable development of the communities and population centers that surround our estates, always in coordination with local, regional and national authorities.

Our business
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If you have any general queries, need technical support regarding our products, or if you have suggestions, complaints or comments, please go to our Contact section and we will be happy to assist you with the kindness that characterizes us.