Apr 13, 2023

We reject the campaign to discredit our company, other institutions and persons

On March 31, on the occasion of the visit to the Ucayali region by the Ambassador of the United States to Peru, Lisa Kenna, along with senior embassy officials, during which they ratified the social sensitivity and genuine commitment of their government to the protection of the Amazon forest, the fight against climate change and the well-being of the populations of the region; some NGOs and related groups such as FECONAU and AIDESEP as well as the Convoca web portal, issued biased and/or false information that we hereby clarify.

1.  Since our company started its operations in Ucayali in 2016, we have neither cleared additional land nor increased our agricultural frontier.

2. Ocho Sur was formed by a group of North American investors, including two investment funds, Anholt Services and Amerra Capital, investors regulated by US authorities recognized for their impeccable reputation and for having invested more than five billion dollars in agricultural projects worldwide. It is important to note that Mr. Melka has no relationship with Ocho Sur or the investment funds that own the company, as this has been corroborated by the most important audit firms in the world.

3. Our palm farms were legally and transparently acquired by public auction in 2016, from a respected trust company and are duly registered in the Public Registries of Peru, free and clear of all liens, charges and encumbrances.

4. We do not operate on ancestral lands of any native community. This false and unsubstantiated allegation, promoted by some NGOs, has been rejected by all instances of the Judiciary in Peru and by the highest regional government authorities.

5. The Santa Clara de Uchunya community, our neighbor, which recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary, has publicly refuted these organizations and has requested them to stop using their name to generate conflicts that do not exist. As a consequence, the community is being threatened and harassed by such NGOs and their operators.

6. Our company is not subject of any deforestation investigation and there is no ruling or judgment against issued by any competent authority.

7. We are a formal company, a leader in Ucayali and the Peruvian jungle, committed to the sustainable development of the region, and the protection of forests and their biodiversity. We operate in strict compliance with Peruvian environmental regulations and are one of the first companies in the sector to operate with a circular economy, in addition to using organic fertilizers and developing biocorridors.

8. Unlike what is repeatedly alleged by these organizations, we invest our own resources in land reforestation within our property and we are committed to the conservation of forests near our plantations.

9. Currently, the company is processing the Environmental Management Adaptation Program (PAMA) for their , also in full compliance with Peruvian legislation. It should be noted that our industrial plant has an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) duly approved.

10. Regarding the false accusation of allegedly not having had security measures during the pandemic, we must say that in fact it was the opposite. Peruvian health authorities have recognized Ocho Sur’s outstanding internal management and its valuable contribution in fighting against COVID-19 in the Ucayali region; furthermore, the company successfully passed all supervisory visits that competent authorities performed following these false allegations promoted by certain NGOs and their operators.

11. We are strong defenders of human rights and have never received, from any state agency, a ruling or decision to the contrary. Our relationship policy with all our neighbors is based on respect and transparency.

12. Currently, our operation directly benefits more than 22,000 inhabitants in the Peruvian Amazon, improving the well-being of our neighbors and the Ucayali region, and has produced the exact opposite effect claimed by these organizations that are harassing us: The cultivation of oil palms has become an effective restraint against deforestation and illicit activities that devastate our Amazon.

We urge any Peruvian or international entity, who is really concerned about these issues to contact us, visit the Ucayali region and learn more about our operations in situ and verify our assertions.

We deeply regret the unfounded attacks that certain groups are perpetrating as a result of the comments made by Ambassador Kenna during her visit to Ucayali; we stand in solidarity with her, with the embassy staff, and with all who invest their time to see and learn about the lives and living conditions of the people who live in the Peruvian jungle.

Toward that goal, we call for calm and reflection, and respectful dialogue, and we reject all types of media campaigns aimed at putting pressure, intimidating and/or damaging the good names and reputations of institutions and persons.

With tolerance, truth and respect we can build a better future for all.

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